06 Aug

In the economy of today, employers are looking for all possible ways to lower expenses. But there are different precautions on safety and health which cannot be altered in their bit to reduce expenses. Wellness and health of employees should be a standard concern. All companies should have life-saving devices like the refurbished aeds.

In most workplaces, there is the danger of sudden cardiac arrest – the sudden and rapid loss of heart function, consciousness, and breathing. This is normally a medical emergency, and if it is not immediately treated, it causes death. However, if the appropriate medical care is administered fast, a person can survive. American Heart Association reports that about 400,000 to 460,000 people die every year from cardiac arrest. This same report states that 13% of such deaths are in workplaces. With so many people suffering from at least one cardiovascular diseases, it is such a risk for any workplace not to be ready for it or ignore it.

Any death occurring in a workplace is quite challenging both in the levels of the surviving coworkers and the employer. The most notable element is the emotional blow that follows after the death, followed by decreased morale, depression, fear, and anxiety, among others. The organization is also affected by the loss of the deceased institutional knowledge and their intellect not to mention the high insurance premiums, financial strain, and litigation, which affects the coworkers in the place of employment. Although it is not easy to quantify the death of a worker, you will come across several financial consequences that will be borne by the workforce that survived. Watch this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSVJYUTQFSU for more info about medical equipment.

A company that uses the following aspects to prevent cardiac arrest deaths from occurring in their workplaces. The first one is to develop a culture of wellness and health in workplaces. Create room for offering healthy snacks such as whole-grain crackers, vegetables and fruits, and water. Let employees plan for workout programs between working hours. The second one is to make sure your workplaces have the right life saving equipment like the CPR masks, an Automated External Defibrillator, and also accessible telephones to call in case of emergencies.

Arrange screenings for employees so they can learn if they have any health concerns that may need to be addressed. As an employer, make sure you give suggestions enabling employees at risk to make follow up with their doctors. Also, make sure every employee has guidance on way to improve their general heart health. If a death occurs at the workplace, employers should offer condoling resources so that they can internalize the tragedy’s effect.

Cardiac arrests are now widespread. This is an unpredictable and silent tragedy, but as an employer, you can play your part by mitigating the disaster through wellness and health education and having the right emergency medical products like the Automated External Defibrillator at https://www.foremostequipment.com if you want to keep your workplace safe and healthy.

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